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the man behind the leader




The Shiite creed calls Shiites to behave in accordance with the legitimate acts based on God’s commands and rules. Therefore they believe that this law covers every aspect of life in such a way that no matter of concern for the human being is left out. This divine law is embodied in the Holy Quran and the traditions of the prophet Mohammed, the 12 Imams, and sayyeda Fatima Azzahraa, the Prophet’s daughter
The person who is competent to infer such divine codes from the aforementioned sources is what we call a marji’ and the post that the marji’ fulfills is what we call marji’iyat. The rest of people are then required to refer to the marji’ to learn these divine codes. Violating these codes means going astray and leads to everlasting punishment
Due to this crucial role that the marji’iyat plays in the lives of Shiite, we thought  of  introducing this book “the Man behind the Leader” which aims at clarifying a number of issues related to this matter and that goes on to introduce the current marji’ for the Islamic nation, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameni from whose life course many precious lessons can be withdrawn


مركز باء للدراسات

نسعى لتقديم الصورة الحقيقية لنمط العيش الإسلامي الراقي المفعم بالسعادة والبهجة والروحانية الأصيلة نحن مؤسسة فكرية تعليمية تهدف الى: 1. بيان المعارف الإسلامية الأصيلة 2. نشر الحقائق الدينية في كل العالم 3. التمهيد للتحول العالمي الكبير بظهور إمام الزمان (عج) 4. إحياء التراث الإسلامي وتنميته واثرائه 5. بناء ثقافة إسلامية أصيلة ومعاصرة للأحداث والشباب 6. بناء ثقافة إسلامية هادفة للأطفال


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