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the return of the soul




People often talk about faith and the faithful, saying that such a person is a believer and that isn’t, a believer does this and doesn’t do that and other such things. Yet, we believe that God has made heaven for the faithful and threatened the infidels with hell and torment. Hence, faith constitutes a central and critical issue in our life, according to which we evaluate things around us
Due to its importance, each one of us tries to figure out in his/her mind a clear perception of faith; and many people strive to attain faith and live according to its principles. However, it might be thought that faith is to pray in awe or it is a spiritual matter felt from the heart. Some see true faith in good deeds and don’t give importance to such feelings of the heart
I tried in this book, by using a new style away from the monotonous deductive one, to tackle all matters related to faith, which might introduce a positive transformation in our lives. Let’s enter the wonderful experience of faith and discover the world around us from its perspective
So the first step is a whisper to the mind, while the second is a whisper to the heart. However, the rest of the journey depends on the reader him/herself since the attainment of true faith isn’t by merely listening or talking, it is indeed the journey of life
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مركز باء للدراسات

نسعى لتقديم الصورة الحقيقية لنمط العيش الإسلامي الراقي المفعم بالسعادة والبهجة والروحانية الأصيلة نحن مؤسسة فكرية تعليمية تهدف الى: 1. بيان المعارف الإسلامية الأصيلة 2. نشر الحقائق الدينية في كل العالم 3. التمهيد للتحول العالمي الكبير بظهور إمام الزمان (عج) 4. إحياء التراث الإسلامي وتنميته واثرائه 5. بناء ثقافة إسلامية أصيلة ومعاصرة للأحداث والشباب 6. بناء ثقافة إسلامية هادفة للأطفال


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